Pet Hair Vacuum Reviews – Find the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Since you are on this page you probably own a pet and are looking for the best pet hair vacuum.  We have gone the extra mile to bring to you thorough reviews of the latest and greatest pet vacs on the market today.  Not all of the vacuums we reviewed were marketed as pet hair vacuums, but we tested them anyway.

Our main criteria were the following factors presented in order:

  1. Ability to remove pet hair from multiple surfaces including shag carpet and hardwood floors.
  2. Attachments to remove pet fur from furniture, curtains and other non-floor surfaces.
  3. Suction – Some vacuums have plenty of suction, but fail at the first two criteria.
  4. Maneuverability – This is extremely important in order to reach all the areas where pet hair likes to hide.
  5. Build quality – We wanted to find vacuums that are built to last, but did find a strong correlation between build quality and price.

If you would like to cut to the chase here are the top two picks for “Best Vacuum for Pet Hair”

Sebo X4 Automatic

Sebo X4 Automatic

The Sebo X4 Automatic is by far the highest quality vacuum we reviewed.  It is German engineered and German manufactured.  It may not look like your typical pet hair vacuum, but this vacuum can clean ANYTHING.  It has the ability to automatically adjust the suction and head level to accommodate any floor surface.

It is extremely powerful and produces ultra-clean exhaust with HEPA quality S-Class filtration.  The Sebo X4 Automatic does use bags, but this allows the vacuum to produce cleaner air than a bagless vacuum.

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Dyson DC41 Animal Review

Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

Dyson ball vacuums have become the iconic image of a pet hair vacuum.  The Dyson DC41 Animal is an extremely effective pet vac.  It has plenty of suction, and the patented cyclone technology prevents loss of suction.  It has a washable HEPA filter, but the exhaust is not nearly as clean, or clean smelling as the Sebo X4 Automatic.

The “ball” technology allows for easy maneuvering and houses the vacuum’s motor.  The DC41 comes with a turbo brush attachment that does a decent job removing pet hair from furniture and stairs.  It is a passive system utilizing the vacuum suction to power the brushes.  It would be nice if it had it’s own dedicated motor.

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We have reviewed many more vacuums that the two above.  You can use our site’s search function to find review or you can use the drop down menu to read reviews sorted by brand.  If there is a pet hair vacuum you would like us to review please send us a note using our contact form.  Check back often to find out if there is a new best pet hair vacuum.